Mrs. Areti Charidemou

Managing Partner, Areti Charidemou & Associates Law Firm

I met Marat in early 2000’s and since then we’ve done a lot of business in Cyprus, Russia and other countries. As a lawyer I greatly appreciate the sence of strategy that he has. It a real pleasure to negotiate ways of solving a problem with him. Marat’s overall intelligence and broad overview (awareness) in many fields make him a fantastic business partner and a reliable service provider to his clients. If I would ask for his help I’m sure my matters would be securely looked after.

Jonathan Moore & Caroline Moore

The Bar of Ireland & KPMG, Ireland

We were given Marat Rakhmankulov’s name when we were seeking practical advice about travelling in Russia, including visas, border crossings and tourist attractions. Marat initially helped us over the phone, and it was a great to speak to someone with excellent English and practical knowledge on the ground. When we arrived in Moscow, he met us, alongwith Julia Abalikhina, and they gave selflessly and generously of everything, including their time. We have no hesitation in recommending them as reliable, generous and professional contacts in Russia.

Rami Mihaeli & Roman Goldman

Managing partners, Medes Association

We first approached the Russian Resolution in August 2016, with a request for their support in setting up a global Israel and Russia-based project, related to the provision of international medical services. Part of the assignment was to establish a new Medical Association - MEDES, and to develop a network of information and educational centers to participate in medical data exchange.

Marat of the RR patiently and professionally led us through a process of clarification and planning, asking in-depth and insightful questions. He provided robust challenge to us in reviewing every aspect of our aspirations and our business plan, enabling us to gain new insights and perspectives, such that we were able to revise our plans to make them more appropriate and achievable.

The RR team then provided us with a comprehensive project plan, indicating each stage of the project and the associated costs and requirements. They described how they would work with us, not only in providing legal and other types of expertise and information but, importantly, in transferring knowledge and information to us so that we were better able to take informed decisions and to increase our own capabilities for taking the project forward.

We were fortunate in engaging the Russian Resolution at the outset of our project, they not only helped us to plan and implement it effectively but also left us more informed and skilled as a consequence of working with them.

Alexander Belik


We launched RBS, a recycling project in Russia, funded by Cypriot investors, in 2014. The Russian Resolution guided us from the initial set-up of Russian-Cypriot holdings, through negotiating international contracts with Chinese plant manufacturers, organizing logistics and dealing with customs to establishing complex accounting arrangements. They also assisted with licensing issues and many other matters that arose along the way. The Russian Resolution continues to support us in our daily work, which sometimes involves significant challenges. We are particularly happy to have Marat and Julia as our ‘primary managers’ – though this title doesn’t accurately reflect their roles – they are highly experienced managers, professionals in their fields, skilled advisors and have become friends. We can always get immediate advice, no matter when we call them. And what is extremely useful – the Russian Resolution’s service calls on the expertise of many other experienced professionals, as and when appropriate, meaning that we have access to a broad range of specialist skills and this only costs us the equivalent of a secretary’s or assistant’s salary.

Leonid Solovyov

General Manager, Global Advisors LLC

Marat, through his Russian Resolution Services, has worked on a number of complex personal and corporate matters for me, including tax and estate planning. The Russian Resolution quickly found appropriate advisors and identified the efficient and effective way possible to execute the tasks. Over time I have given Russian Resolutions a number of specific assignments to work on, parts of larger projects, and again, they responded quickly and effectively, understanding the bigger picture and contributing to overall performance and delivery. I’m happy to recommend Russian Resolution, they are effective as a service provider and each of their people are good at what they do.