Our services are usually provided for an agreed monthly fee, expressed in US Dollars, with the fee being determined by the scope and complexity of the work undertaken. However, if you prefer separate budgets for different services, or project stages, then we can easily accommodate this. The services of our partners, statutory charges or other mandatory payments are not included in our price, but we will always advise you of future costs before they are committed to.

Our basic price band for services is USD 200-500 per month. This band covers services that usually don’t require a client’s presence in Russia i.e. formation of a company or holding (which takes 1 to 6 months taking account the exchange of documents between the client, ourselves and others), correspondence with business consultants, appraisers, dwelling and commercial estate agents, requests to the State Authorities, public, social or cultural organizations. As a rule, clients of the RR may expect this level of costs at the early stage of a project, and for minor, additional tasks after its launch.

For more complex work, which might also require your presence in Russia then the standard price band for our services will be USD 500-1000 per month. This includes face to face meetings with you, personal advice, participation in negotiations and consultations, constant availability on the phone. When you want greater professional support with a full time project manager, advisor or lawyer then we will apply our standard-plus price band, which will cost you between USD 2000-3000 per month.

We will work with you to understand your requirements, advise you on the level of service we think most appropriate in meeting your requirements and the likely timescale involved, and only then will we ask you if you wish to enter into a service agreement with us. Bespoke services at a bespoke price.

As noted at the start, we actively work to offer you our services at a competitive price in Russia, whilst also ensuring you get value for money. Also, for the moment, you, as the purchaser of our services, have the benefit of the lower value of the Russian Ruble. And, once we have agreed a price and a duration, then this is fixed – giving you, the customer, confidence and control over your costs.