Marat Rakhmankulov
Founder and Managing Partner

Marat Rakhmankulov founded the RR in 2015 and oversees all of the RR’s global activities. His vision is that the RR will encourage and assist individuals, companies and organisations to better understand Russia, to appreciate the opportunities that exist there and reduce misconceptions, and concerns, about working and developing in this part of Europe.

He graduated from Russia’s highest ranked MGIMO University as an International Lawyer and worked for Yukos Oil Russia’s largest private company, its holding Group Menatep and its owners. He remained with Yukos through its business recovery and being actively engaged as Yukos came to meet world-class standards of operational excellence. That provided Marat with rich and unique experience in integrating the differing, and sometimes contradictory, approaches of eastern and western businesses.

Additionally, Marat has extensive experience in various fields of law and project administration, from multi-million mergers & acquisitions, to fiduciary and private domestic cases and tax matters.

Marat understands, and strongly advocates, that professional consulting and expertise can be made available to, and integrated within, the main business of an organisation, whatever its scale, via a distributed service, minimizing costs and offering flexible, bespoke solutions.