Alla Dementieva

Alla Dementieva has a Higher Doctorate in Economics and is Professor of Management and Marketing at MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations), widely considered the most elite university in Russia. During her career Alla has been Vice-Dean of the School of International Business and Business Administration at MGIMO; Chief Editor of the Corporate Finance Management magazine (Russia); a member of the International Business Innovation Association (USA), a lecturer at Henley Business School (UK) and has contributed to the work of a great number of other organizations in Russia and worldwide.

Alla also holds an MBA (Cyprus International School of Management (London Business School Program)) and has applied her extensive knowledge in real-world and practical ways. Through her professional work she has helped to introduce and implement proper management systems, and improve staff professional skills, in some of Russia’s largest companies, for example Rosneft Oil Company and Rostec State Corporation; and in one of the world’s largest electric grid companies, Russian Grids. She has provided consultancy expertise to global companies like the marketing and media agency Nielsen or GIM Institute.

In her spare time, and when not busy writing another book (19 so far!), Alla enjoys yoga, tennis and road trips. For relaxation she likes listening to the music of her favourite composers, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and Mozart.